Saturday, June 16, 2012

Small Mall Haul

So, I went shopping today. A quick trip to Bath and Body Works (from which I bought nada.... big sale but stuff was very picked over) turned into a slightly longer stay at the mall.

My first stop was David's Tea to fill up my mug with $1 iced tea. I tried Secret Weapon, which is a white tea with gogi berries, licorice, cocoa nibs, blue cornflower, orange peel, and almonds. It was so delicious. The almond flavour stood out to me the most. I will be purchasing this to take home soon!

Aerie had a great sale on. Undies were five for $10. Super deal so I bought five. I saw some beautiful scarves and pretty ponytail holders too - I used massive restraint and walked away.

This is all you can see of my undies.

I liked the color of this green t-shirt and it was really soft. $11.99 (regular $19.50). Some colors were $9.99.

I picked up some Daddy-O purple shampoo from Lush. I've tried this before and it's great for brightening up blond hair. It was $9.95 for a tiny bottle (100 ml), but it lasts a really long time. The salesgirl gave me a sample of Marilyn (a hair treatment for blondes that's supposed to make you look like you have fresh highlights). Can't wait to try Marilyn!

My best find was at Aldo in Dartmouth Crossing. I donated my white sandals last spring because I was sick of them. These are a great replacement!

The original price was $60.00 and I got them for $27.99. They're leather and have zip access in the back (I love not having to constantly do the buckles up).I think these will work to dress up or dress down.

I had an armload of things in the change room at H&M but I didn't buy anything. They had some really great sales on, but I felt like I was drawn to things because they were such a good price, not because I truly loved or needed them. If anyone is looking for tunics to wear over leggings (because leggings require a long shirt), they had some cute ones on sale for $7-10.

Have you found any great deals lately?

Glitterary Girl


Jacynta Walsh said...

pretty shoes

Megan said...

Love your white sandals! And I love Aerie so much, they have the cutest panties :)