Saturday, June 02, 2012

Novel-Tea: Part 8

The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon was a good read. It's written from a multiple character perspective and tells the story of what happens after two residents who are in love escape from an instituation.... one is found and returns, and the other stays on the run. It spans several decades and the ending is one that made me smile! It's evident the author did a ton of research for this book and that always impresses me.

The tea I chose for today's post is a simple one. A single ingredient - organic peppermint leaves. Meet Peppermint Amour by DAVIDsTEA.

It's lovely hot or iced and only takes 30 seconds to steep, so a good pick if you're in a rush.

Funny how things turn out.... this was originally intended to be a blog mainly about books, but it's taken on a life of it's own and can best be described as a fashion blog. So, to satisfy all the fashionistas who read it, here's what I'd wear if I were to have a tea party.

Thank you very much for all the amazing comments and follows... I've been welcomed so warmly to the blogging community and I'm very grateful :)

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Jacynta Walsh said...

that dress is so different!

Taylor said...

Such a cute dress! And I might have to read that book!
Girl Meets Beauty

larissa said...

Niceee! That book must be a good one.

Nuha said...

love those cute little shoes!