Monday, June 18, 2012


I've finally come to terms with it. I'm vertically challenged

At 5'3'' I'm probably on the high end of what's considered petite. There are a lot of advantages to being on the smaller side including being able to score items in the kids' section from time to time. I'll never buy an adult ski jacket again after finding the exact same Burton jacket as mine in the juniors' section for almost half of what I paid for the adult version. Grr.

I found this blazer in the petite section at Ann Taylor. It's nice to have the proper sleeve length! Shhh.... I never have anything tailored. The What Not to Wear team would be angry.

Blazer: Ann Taylor (Wrentham)
Shirt: Guess (Vancouver)
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (Halifax)
Belt: Levis (Halifax)
Sandals: Old Navy (Dartmouth)
Necklace: Joe Fresh (Halifax)
Hat: Le Chateau (gift)

Do you use tailoring when things don't fit perfectly? Is the expense worth it?

Glitterary Girl


Bronwyn said...

Ooo girl, how I wish I were 5'3"! At 4'11", even the petite stuff is too long :( I keep asking my tall friends to share a few inches, but so far that hasn't worked out too well. Love this outfit.


Heather said...

I love your hat - it looks perfect with this laid back chic outfit... and that necklace is fab too!


M said...

noo i dont bother! i just dont buy it then :) or i fix it on my own!

Collections said...

Great necklace. I tailor everything so I'm definitely in support of it :)

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Priscilla said...

you are beautiful darling! I love your fashion! I am your new follower. Follow me back please? ♥ Thanks! Please visit my blog!

Lauren said...

I usually get my jeans tailored, since I'm only 5'4" and they're always super long. Cute outfit!


Jade Purple Brown said...

Love your classic blazer!

MizzJ said...

Ahh 5'3, that's such a nice height! I can only wish to be that tall haha.

I've never gotten anything tailored though I'm really going to try to get on that, it seems to make such a big difference to some items!