Thursday, June 28, 2012

Glymm Bag June 2012

Another month, another bag.... in blue this time! I love the different colors. Great for organizing.

It's like they knew I have a crush on cobalt. The bag is actually darker than the pic looks.

These are great little nail polish remover wipes! They smell amazing, leave the nails moisturized, and one wipe took off all 10 fingers of glitter polish. For those of you who don't wear glitter, it's much harder to remove than regular polish. The wipe was destroyed by the end of it but did the job well.

Eco Beauty La Fresh Acetone-free Nailpolish Remover

Too musky for me. Enough said.

Salvadore Dali ItIsDream

I haven't tried this mask yet, but I'm shocked that this tiny pot is supposed to provide 10-14 samples. I'll try it soon (in a paper thin layer). I really like the packaging.

Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask

I usually buy oil free things, so I'm a bit skeptical of a skin oil. I tried it last night. It felt nice on my skin and I didnt wake up to any skin disasters.

Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution

The full-size product for the month is a combination lip balm and lip color. The packaging is super-fun. The balm pops out of one end and the color out of the other. You have to push one side in to make the other pop out! I tried this on my lips as soon as I saw it and the color was light (Soft Pink) but the formula was opaque enough to show up on my lips.  The balm felt great too!

Harmony by Belvada:- the color (Soft Pink)

The balm

If you'd like your own Glymm (Canada only at this time), please use my link to sign up. It's so fun to get a surprise every month in the mail! You can earm points by referring friends and taking product surveys and use the points to get discounts from the on-line store.

Glitterary Girl


Rachel said...

This is something like one of those birch boxes?! I need to hope on the bandwagon.. looks like fun to get a goody bag every month!

xo Rachel

Vicky said...

I've never heard about this...



Ashley Aspinwall said...

i hope they start doing it in the US soon!

xo SideSmile,

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