Friday, April 13, 2012

What's in my Bag?

I got an amazing deal on this Coach bag in Edmonton. It was three years ago when I was there on a shopping trip... I mean, work conference...

I did go to the conference (promise), but any time I wasn't there, I was at West Edmonton Mall.

My chocolate leather Zoe bag was half price! Yay!

I actually had three bags in my hand, and the salesgirl had to help me choose. She said something that I'll always remember...

When you have a leather and a fabric bag to choose from.... buy the leather. It'll last longer and almost always look classier.

Isn't she pretty?
Pink lining!

Now take a peek at some of the things inside....

On nails: China Glaze - Westside Warrior

This is a tiny Clinique bag that is just big enough to hold a mini Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, bobby pins, hair ties, lip balm, bandaids, and...

Mini hair clips. I usually need these when I do my hair with natural curls. The front section always gets fuzzy when it fully dries, so I pin it back with one or two of these.

A souvenier from Paris. I bought it in a little train station gift shop. It flips open to a double mirror. I love the color and the silver Eiffel Tower.

This is the yummiest lip gloss ever!! I got it in LA at Bath and Body Works. I've yet to find this particular flavour in Canada... It's got a strong mint and butterscotch smell and deposits a clear shimmer on your lips. Slightly sticky but not thick and goopy. Makes your lips tingle with 25% peppermint oil.

Last but not least... my keychain. A stylish former co-worker (she always had the BEST ponytail ties) gave me this last year when I left my job to move to Vancouver (then I moved back - long story). It's Coach and it's SO ME. One of those things I probably would never indulge in myself, but it made a perfect gift.

I left out a bunch of things, such as gum, a lint roller, dental floss, and my wallet. My goal is to buy a new wallet.... not because I don't like my current one, but I'm getting bored of it. A girl's gotta have a fun place to keep the Visa, right?

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