Monday, April 23, 2012

The Mane Event

Hair. The accessory you wear every day.

Ladies, don't feel guilty about spending money on your locks! It doesn't matter if you've been hitting the gym like crazy, or you're wearing a fabulous new outfit, or just had your make-up done by a pro. If you don't like your hair, you're not going to be satisfied.

I admit, I don't love my hair. Who does? Oh right... Blake Lively probably does.

I wish my hair grew faster, was as thick as it used to be (ok, maybe not quite so thick... I kinda like that it no longer takes 30 minutes to blow-dry), and didn't have 45 cowlicks along my hair-line. Those suckers make bangs a no-no (although I had them until 2002, I really shouldn't have).

Generally, I'm not very loyal to products. I like to try out new stuff too much. I'll share with you some products that I've re-purchased, which means they work really well for me or I would've strayed.

Shampoo/Conditioner/ Leave in Treatment:

Redken Extreme. Recommended to me by the lovely Karrie, who happens to be not only a dear friend of mine but the best hairdresser ever. I've been using these since last summer when my hair was in serious crisis mode. I think these products were the only thing that saved me from shaving my head and starting over.

Dry Shampoo:

I used to be one of those people who washed and styled my hair every day. Imagine! I shampoo usually every second day (sometimes three if I'm lucky). On the off-days, I sometimes use dry shampoo to give it some oomph if it looks flat. I've tried Ojan, which worked well but the spray can kept breaking and it was pricy. I've also tried Tresemme, which was ok, but made my hair sticky.

My dry shampoo of choice is Got 2b. The only thing I'd change is how strongly scented it is. Given that so many places are scent-free, you'd think the product people would take a hint.

Curly Hair Products:

This is my hair with no heat appliance intervention. The photo is a year old and my hair isn't as thick anymore. It's more of a wavy/beachy curl than a true curl. I actually lose my curls if I cut my hair too short, which is the opposite of how curly hair is supposed to behave.

Right now, I'm using these products for my au natural look.

I wrap it in a towel for 10 minutes, then comb it out and put a bit of the Aveda treatment in. Then I use the gel, flip my head over, and scrunch a bit.

I'm getting my hair cut and foiled this week- yay! I love fresh color.

Does anyone have an opinion on those clampless curling wands? I kinda want one.

Glitterary Girl


Emily Devine said...

Cute blog! You have adorable style. Thanks for the hair tips!


Mr.Mrs.Walsh said...

i agree! hair is very important to any outfit!

Fash Boulevard said...

i couldn't agree more. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my resort style post. xo

Mary Alexis said...

Hi Jen,
Do you use much product in your hair on wash days? I've been looking at the dry shampoos but wondering how well they work if you alreday have a lot of stuff in your locks - I'm sort of addicted to my mousse and hair shine spray. Any tips on best use strategies for dry shampoos? Thanks.

Jen said...

Hi Mary!
I only use the dry shampoo on days where my hair is straight (have flat ironed it the day before) or on 2nd or 3rd day curling iron curls. You have to brush out the dry shampoo and if I brushed my natural curls, I'd look like a chia pet. I think they'd work fine after using shine spray.... not so sure on the mousse. The only way to know is to try! The Got2B one is on sale often - I got my last can at Shoppers on sale for $3.99. Thanks for reading :)