Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day for the Ducks

It's been a rainy week.

Cute raingear makes these dreary days a little more tolerable.

Umbrella: Gift
Raincoat: Lole (The Trail Shop, Halifax)
Rainboots: Kamik (The Shoe Company, Halifax)
Pants: lululemon (Toronto)

The umbrella is cute but it bugs me... it has city names all over it.... but they're upside down when I'm holding the umbrella. Weird. I've seen people tilt their heads at an odd angle when we're waiting for a walk light and I silently apologize.

Sunday was Earth Day. I received an e-mail from Sephora, encouraging me to bring in an empty cosmetics container (for recycling) in exchange for a full size Origins moisturizer. Um... OKAY!

On nails: Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Xtreme Wear in Turquoise, dotted with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Black and OPI Banana Bandanna

I didn't mean to match my nails to the tube....

The moisturizer makes my face really soft and smells sooooo nice. It retails for $55.

The flower is from the market.

Glitterary Girl


Jules M said...

It's a cute umbrella! Like your rainy day look ;)

Girl Lilikoi said...

Hi Jen, thank u for the lovely comments and following at my blog dear! These umbrella are so adorable! ANd that boots, still finding some rain boots myself, following u on gfc dear