Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Novel-Tea: Part 5

I've Got Your Number is the newest novel by one of the queens of chick-lit, Sophie Kinsella. Everyone has heard of the Shopaholic books, right? She penned those.

One night last week, I snuggled into bed with the book, happy to dive into what I knew would be a very entertaining read. Twenty minutes later, I was in a panic, and slammed the book shut.

My novel-baby, Losing My Anchor, is the story of a physiotherapist named Penny.

Ms. Kinsella's book is a story of a physiotherapist named Poppy.

Well, darn.

Before I deleted my book from my laptop, R calmed me down by reminding me that there are countless novels with doctors or lawyers or sales clerks as the main character. So, I guess it's possible for there to be two books about young female physios with relationship woes out there.

Thankfully, there weren't many other similarities between Poppy and Penny. Distaster averted.

I loved the book. Yes, it was predictable in the main vein. Yes, Poppy reminded me of most of Ms. Kinsella's other protagonists. But it was predictable in an comfortable, easy-read way - not a boring way. If you're a chick-lit fan, check it out.

One of DavidsTea's spring collection goodies is called Strawberry Ginger. It's an herbal tea - no caffeine and very refreshing. The taste is great hot or iced.

I'm a picky girl when it comes to perfume, and I actually don't get to wear it very much because I work at a hospital. I have a habit of ripping fragrance samples out of magazines and then finding a big wrinkled pile of them every year or so when I clean out my junk drawer.

To me, Escada sounds too grown-up. Considering my favorite perfume is Vera Wang Princess, I don't exactly consider my fragrance taste sophisticated.

I was surprised at how much I love the fruity scent of Escada Sexy Graffiti!

Look at that girl on the sample baord! She's city chic and cool, not snooty and mature.

The perfume has raspberry, strawberry, grapefruit, lily of the valley, violet, red peony, vanilla, and cashmere wood. Hmmm... sounds good enough to eat!

R and I saw American Reunion on the weekend. If you're an American Pie fan , it's worth the watch. The humour in this one is slightly less gross-out than the original. You have to wait til the end to see The Shermanator but he does make an appearance.

Love the comparison

Glitterary Girl


Floortje said...

I really like your blog!
Keep posting dear!!


Jen said...

Thank you so much :)

SideSmile Style said...

love davids tea!!

Manuella said...

everithing is in the details! Keep blogging ,kisses

Elizabeth Graham said...

Jenn - I'd never heard of David's Tea before so I was excited to see one at Bayshore Mall in Ottawa. I was thinking of you! I didn't get a chance to check it out but will next time I'm down that I know it's there.

Jen said...

Elizabeth, it's soooo addictive. They have a ton of regular teas and then they keep bringing out limited edition ones. I strongly suggest Birthday Cake.... it might not be around for long.