Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Photos in Juno Garden

After our long and drawn out ceremony (just kidding, it was nine minutes and perfect!) it was a great relief to feel like the more formal part of the day was done. We had Juno Garden at Caesar's Palace for a very short time - about a half hour after the ceremony - so we had to be pretty quick at getting the photos done. 

With my mom and dad

With R's mom and dad
We were incredibly lucky to have so many family and friends be able to join us. In total we had 60 guests from all over Canada and the States.  There were many important people who couldn't be there, but we tried to focus on the fact that we had a really great turn out for a destination wedding, and our guests got along so well!

Our wedding guests
Happily ever after. 

Coming up in the next few weeks will be photos from our limo tour of various spots on the Vegas strip and the reception. Check out my earlier posts on the ceremony, getting ready, and the walk to the garden.

Glitterary Girl


Shannon Lynch Fit said...

Beautiful Jen!

zerry ht said...

You are looking gorgeous in your wedding! I like the idea of having a quick wedding ceremony to have plenty of time for wedding photography. I have noticed that most of the Las Vegas Weddings take less time. People in Las Vegas spend lot of time in wedding photography.