Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Walk to the Garden

The last few minutes before leaving for the ceremony were actually pretty relaxing. My MOH and I had a few minutes to ourselves where we packed our bags (yes, bags were needed as we wouldn't be returning to the hotel room until the end of the night) and I gave her the thank-you-for-being-the best-MOH-ever-and-catering-to-me-all-day presents.

Hanger given to me by R's cousin (thanks J!)

Shoes: France Mode via John David Shoes (Halifax). Handbag: Call it Spring

My ring is from Fawcett's Fine Jewellery (Halifax) and R's is from People's

I met our photographer Todd, who was to arrive just before I was ready to put on the dress and kindly waited in the bathroom until I was actually into it!

My lovely MOH got her dress, belt, and shoes at Le Chateau

Dress: Pronovias "Laberne" from Chester & Felicity (Halifax)

My requisite Instagram upload prior to leaving!

 Walking through the hotel and pool area on the way to the garden was a fun experience! I had to arrive first, and once I was almost to the waiting area, R was allowed to leave the room he was getting ready in.

All photos by Bently & Wilson Photography (Las Vegas)

Stairs were my nemesis of the day.
Keep watching next week for more wedding photos!

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