Monday, December 08, 2014

My Monthly Purchases: November 2014

What a completely boring shopping month. I hesitated even doing a post, but it would be the first monthly shopping post I'd miss in a year and a half, so here it is!

My ONE tiny purchase this month that was clothing-related was this:

Bracelet: Banana Republic
Discounted from $35 to $11.
This is a pretty mixed metal bracelet. It's also really tiny so it fits my wrist without traveling up to my elbow.

Value of Items: $35
Price I Paid: $11

I saved 67%

That leaves me with $134 to spend in December. I will most likely be saving this for Boxing Day!

I actually have nothing at all on my wish-list for clothing wants right now. I do need to find myself a nice gold watch someday, but I will probably save that for the next time I'm in the US.

I've been buying a lot of things for the house lately - my lunch hours have been spent at Homesense and Target rather than the mall!

Glitterary Girl

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