Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Around Caesar's

We've been married for over three months now! I'm trickling the photos out, but the long process is actually nice - makes for more time to relive the memories!

Caesar's Palace has a lot of nice spots for wedding photos. If a couple decided not to do a photo tour of the strip, there were certainly lots of options right on site. We had about a half hour between the end of our time in the garden and when our limo was meeting us to take us on the photo tour.

All photos by Bently & Wilson. 

By the pool

Staircase by the Augustus Tower check-in

Taking the plunge!

We appreciated the moments we got to sit down!

Next time I'll post on our transportation for the day and the first bit of our photo tour.

Glitterary Girl

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Shannon Lynch said...

Beautiful photos Jen!