Monday, January 12, 2015

My 2014 Shopping Budget Review

In 2014, I approached my shopping budget a little differently. I used to give myself a monthly budget, but I found it restricting when it came to buying more expensive items. I found myself buying more quantity of less expensive stuff and the quality was suffering.

Partway through the year, I decided to go with a quarterly budget, which I still summarized every month. My budget was $500 per quarter, which allowed me to buy pricier items without going over my monthly budget.

I allow myself to carry over any money that is left at the end of one quarter into the next quarter. This includes any money that is left over at the end of a year.

I don't count clothing/money I get as gifts (or gift card money) in my budget. I had birthday money this year that I chose to spend in Vancouver on clothes. So I actually had more than $2000 in spending if you count gifts. I don't count things like PJ's, socks, bras, etc as well because these are necessities and really don't count towards evolving my personal style.

If I ever make any money on clothing (e.g consignment) I would put it towards my budget as well. I hope to sell a few leather jackets this year.

For 2014, I came in $25 under budget, which will roll forward to 2015, giving me a clothing budget for this year of $2025.

Since I've been budgeting, I find I am so much more careful with what I buy. I really analyze items to make sure they make sense in my wardrobe. Trying to picture at least three ways to style something with my current wardrobe before I buy it helps.

My top picks for 2014 are the five items that I bought that I think have had the most use or the potential to be used for years to come.

1.Top Shop black sandals I bought in Vancouver. I wore these so much last summer and they were really comfortable. They weren't on sale, but at $50, so well worth the price and then some.

2. Banana Republic black dress. OK, I've only worn this once, but it has the potential to be in my wardrobe for a really long time. With the leather detail it is truly a "me" dress.  Fabulous buy at $50.

3. Converse black leather Jack Purcell's. I am sooooo glad my mom convinced me to buy these in Vegas. I've worn them a lot and they go with way more things than my black canvas ones. When I go to a Converse outlet, I can't help but buy another pair. Some people collect stamps. I collect Chucks. Such a steal at $24.

Wearing the dress and shoes here. 

4. American Eagle jeans. At $7.50 I've worn these so much that they're down to a quarter per wear I'm sure. These are the perfect length, rise, and fit. They are my "go-to" jeans for sure.... especially now when I'm feeling the effects holiday over-indulgence and squeezing into my lower rise jeans is kinda painful.

Jeans and shoes worn here.

5. Nine West red handbag. This was actually a gift from the Nine West store at Mic Mac Mall. In truth, I like it better than my Kate Spade bag for functionality. The outer pocket fits my phone which is so convenient.

Have I inspired you to stick to a budget for the new year? It really helps to curb impulse buys and makes you take a good hard look at what your wardrobe actually needs.

Glitterary Girl

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Daryl Cross said...

Impulse buying could hurt your savings and affect other expenses that you actually need. It’s definitely advisable to stick to your budget, especially when shopping for clothes, to prevent overspending. As you save money from clothing, you’ll be able to have more funds for food, and other necessities. I hope you’ll be able to maintain that good budgeting system throughout the year, Jen. Have a great day!

Daryl Cross @ Nahi Gazal