Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

When it comes to making decisions about a wedding, the dress is right up there with the ceremony venue for importance. Scratch that. For me, it probably is the most important thing. I could be getting married in a swamp, as long as I have R and my dress, all would be fine.

I was never one of those girls who had a "vision" of the perfect wedding dress. I was quite open to trying on a lot of different styles. I knew I wouldn't want something classic, and I knew details were important (i.e. not plain).

I went dress shopping four times. The first time was last August and the last time was in February when I bought the dress.  I probably tried on 30 dresses in total - most of them weren't contenders. The only dress I thought about besides the one I ended up picking was one by Maggie Sottero. I can't get the picture to copy, but here's the link. There was something about it that just wasn't quite right for me though, and I stopped thinking about it once I tried on my dress.

I first tried my dress on in September when my mom and I went to Chester and Felicity for a trunk show, which is where one designer brings a lot of dresses that the store normally doesn't carry. I was choosing which dresses to try on, and I kept looking at my dress, but I thought it wasn't "bridal" enough on the hanger. After trying on a few dresses, the consultant was getting to know what I was looking for in a dress and she insisted I try on the dress I had been eyeing, promising it would look "bridal" once I got it on.

From the first look in the mirror, I loved it.  I was really hesitant to purchase that day though, as I still felt it was really early to be making the decision, and since it was a new dress, it wasn't going to be discontinued.  The only problem was, the dress was leaving the store with the trunk show and I wouldn't be able to try it on again.

My goal was to have the dress bought in February, so I went back to the same store, pretty sure I'd be ordering the one I tried in September, but just wanting to try on a few more to be certain. None of the other dresses I tried came close to how I felt about the one I ordered.

The dress was ordered that day and came in a few weeks ago. There was a tiny fear in me that when I tried it on again I wouldn't feel as good in it as I did before, or it wouldn't look the same as I remembered. It was a big relief to try it on and still love it!

I don't want to share too many details about the dress as I want it to be a surprise. I'll divulge that it is relatively lightweight (yay for carrying it through airports), made by Pronovias, and is quite unique in terms of style.

There! That's all you get to see until October!

Was your wedding dress easy to pick? Do you have a vision of what you'll wear on your wedding day?

Glitterary Girl

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