Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Currently 06/08/14

Reading: A book called Hidden by Catherine MacKenzie. I'm about half-way through. It's pretty good! I also read People StyleWatch this week (not really a fan of it this month...)
Writing: To-do lists! 
Listening: Lawnmowers in the distance. It's that time of year! 
Thinking: How much better it is to get up and work out early in the morning. I'm one week into P90X3 and have done most of my workouts before work. I always set my alarm for 6:00 and wake up on my own a few minutes before that. It's so nice to not have to think about trying to squeeze in a workout in the evening. It's a great program for those who want a great session in minimal time ( 30 minutes)
Smelling: Sunscreen - fabulous day here in Halifax!
Hoping: That I'll be able to share some good news on the blog in about a week or so!
Wearing: Black skirt, peach sweater, slippers, Stella & Dot baubles
Loving: This weather. 22 degrees and sunny. Can it stay this temperature all summer? 
Wanting: To steam my clothes... but my steamer stopped working. I tried cleaning it with vinegar but it's still not working. Sigh. 
Needing: My hair coloured. I have an appointment in two weeks and I'm so excited because I'll get my new hair extensions coloured so I can finally test them out. I bought them for the wedding but I'm sure I will be tempted to wear them before that. 
Feeling: Full. We had a late lunch at Habaneros, an amazing food truck that serves tacos and burritos. I had a pulled pork burrito salad and it was amazing! R had the tacos.

Mango sour cream - amazing!

Clicking: I've been lurking on Instagram a lot this week. I don't post that often but I love looking at other people's posts, especially beach shots.

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Have a wonderful week!
Glitterary Girl

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nancy @ adore to adorn said...

omg I have never heard of mango sour cream! WHAT? haha.
My friend recently got into P90X. I hear it's crazy good!