Friday, September 13, 2013

Niners Style

Me and football have a bit of a rocky relationship. This time of year, I lose my fiance to the television. Football seems to be a constant presence on the weekends... at a ear-ringing volume. The only good thing about it is there are sometimes donairs, pizza, and party mix involved.

R's favorite team is the 49ers. We spent much of our time in San Francisco last year browsing various sports stores. Seriously, how can he ever complain I take too long shopping when it takes him about an hour to choose between three basic t-shirts? I could try on half of the Zara store in that time.

Niners Style

Rag & Bone red sweat shirt, $135 / J Brand super skinny jeans, $190 / adidas sneaker wedge shoes / Tory Burch black shawl / Michael Kors rock n roll jewelry / People Tree glove / Bonne Bell lip gloss

I couldn't resist the penguin mittens. They have nothing to do with the theme... they were just darn cute.

I'm linked with longdistanceloving today for a (you guessed it!) football post. Click below to check out the other bloggers' tailgate party looks.

Happy Weekend!
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