Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Limsanity - the Halifax version

I wasn't even this excited when H&M came to town...and that's saying something. Halifax area has three new Target stores that opened yesterday. I've always loved shopping at Target in the States, so I'm excited that the brand has invaded Canada. Doubly exciting is that Target launched the collaboration with 3.1 Philip Lim this week. So, not only was I excited for opening day, I was excited to get my paws on this designer collection I've been drooling over.

I heard about the craziness that happened in the Target stores in the rest of Canada and the States on Sunday when the line launched. Social media dubbed it #Limsanity and it was fun to follow on Instagram and Twitter. Horror stories about bags selling out in five minutes made me set my alarm a bit early and work 9-5 to accommodate a bit of pre-work shopping.

I love the idea of designer collaborations with a budget store because I simply can't afford designer clothes (unless I find them consigned, on massive discount, or at Winners). I love the idea of having access to an affordable line that a really amazing designer has created. I realize that the quality not  on par with what you'd get if you were paying designer prices, but that's okay by me.

I went to the store in Bayers Lake, and there were about 60 people waiting outside in the cold (brrrr!) for the doors to open when I arrived at 7:50 a.m. I was on such a mission that I couldn't focus on anything else but getting to what I wanted. I know the store was huge, bright, and there were lots of staff on hand. Starbucks is inside too!

The 3.1 Phillip Lim stuff was well marked and displayed in a prominent spot in the ladies' section. The bags were with the clothes which was great. There was only ONE of everything in size XS. Who knows if they had more out back so I wasn't chancing it. I grabbed pretty much everything and ran for the dressing room. I was clearly the only frantic one. No one else cared. Awesome-sauce.

I didn't bother trying the sparkle blue dress (although it was pretty). The drop waist dresses looked like they'd be too big on me as well so I didn't bother with them either. Our store didn't have the pants (sob! I was most excited for the blue ones with the black panel), the trenches, or the purple bags. 

Items that I tried on and decided "no" were the printed shirt dress (flared in all the wrong places on me), the ruffle tanks (too big), the Boom! sweatshirt (was sooo cute but I literally just bought a grey sweatshirt which I know would go with so much more than Boom! would), the animal print knit dress (that color doesn't look good near my face... I took it home but I'm taking it back), and the printed blouse (too big). 

Here's what I ended up with... no stress, no evil looks, and I was the very first person in the dressing room (where is my prize?)

This is a great substitute for the blue pants I wanted, and now that I work in an office, I wear skirts all the time. I think this one is multi-season. I'll try to get one bare-legged wear out of it before I throw tights on underneath. $29.99

This is the first peplum top I've found that actually works for my body shape. It's very structured and has so many colors in it. I've mentally paired it with many things I already own. $39.99

The bag is so cute! I don't have much in the way of bright bags, so this is a fun little addition to my collection. Since the original is $650, I'm thrilled that the Target version is $34.99.

Dearest parents, you will wrap this up and give it to me for Christmas as I have limited myself to three pieces, but I'm so not taking this back. What a steal... you got me a designer skirt for $29.99. You're welcome.

One of my favorite blogger ladies Alicia over at Aliciafashionista did a great post a few weeks ago of her collection pieces (she got them early, lucky duck!)

You can visit the Target Canada website for more information on the capsule collection. It was my first designer buy from Target and it was loads of fun! They've just announced the next collaboration with Peter Pilotto slated to launch Feb. 9, 2014.

Did you have any Limsanity purchases? Has anyone checked out the men's line? I didn't have time!

Glitterary Girl


Living_in_aShoe said...

great purchases!

btw, I have a nice giveaway on my blog. You can win 100 $ to spend on You can find all the details HERE. The contest ends on September, 22, I would be so happy if you joined!

Stephanie Koch said...

Good choices! No one gave a hoot and holler about this collection in Kelowna so I was able to step in the door with not a soul in sight at 8:01 on Sunday morning with my toddler in tow haha. I grabbed everything I saw and then went to try it on in the toy department so Torrey was entertained hahaha. I debated taking several things back but all in all I feel like they are quality and I will actually use them as opposed to having purchased them for the sake of getting a piece of the collection. I got my brother a sweet back pack in camo canvas and leather trim from the men's side!