Monday, September 16, 2013

Brides on the Brink

I've always loved the idea of a September wedding. My parents were married forty Septembers ago (happy anniversary!) and if I were going to tie the knot in Nova Scotia (unlikely), I would pick this month. The weather is usually sunny, but not unbearably hot.

I've been to two fabulous weddings this month, and I'm always amazed by the time and details that are involved to make the day perfect. Jenn and Mallory, you were stunning brides and your weddings were so impressive. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

I admit, I have a hard time deciding what to wear to a September wedding, as the weather can go either way. September here is right on the brink of summer and fall. If the sun is out, you can dress for summer. If there is no sun and the wedding is outside, things can get chilly. You have to be prepared to layer!

Dress: Yest via Moments Boutique
Cardigan: Le Chateau
Shoes: Old Navy
Clutch: Coach
Bracelet: Random store in St. John's

I got this dress at an end of summer sale, and I 'm looking forward to wearing it into fall with some tights and boots. The top is tank style so it can also work as a sundress for a hot day, and it's long enough that I can wear it to work. The more I blog, the more I look at the versatility of the clothes I buy. If I can't imagine at least three different ways to wear an item, I usually won't buy it.

How do you dress for a fall wedding?

Glitterary Girl


bashashhazbaz said...

i think that looks awesome to wear to a sept. wedding! you look snazzy!

Unknown said...

Cute outfit! I'm loving the Yest line of dresses, i think we were at the same sale must just have been different days!