Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hey Sailor!

MAC had a little party on May 15 to launch their new line called Hey Sailor. I got an invite... and really, how can a girl say no to cocktails, nibblies, and make-up? AND I got to dress in sailor theme!

The packaging for the new line was striped (my scarf blended right in...)

Such a shame that I forgot my camera for the event. This picture was snapped after I got home.

Shirt: Jacob (Toronto)
Jeans: Guess (Moments, Truro)
Shoes: Merona (Target, Plainville, Mass.)
Scarf: H&M (Vancouver)
Bracelet: market in Cuba
Anchor necklace: Forever 21 (LA)
Earrings: What on Earth (Dartmouth)

I was a good girl and only bought one eyeliner. It's called Bountiful Brown, and it's not part of the new line. There was a brownish-gold eyeliner with Hey Sailor, but it was too light for my liking.

It's a great everyday brown shade. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet....I need to use up the current one I have first! What's your favorite MAC product?

Glitterary Girl


Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil, and do not understand much English
but I loved your blogger, to follow, follow my?

Miss E. said...

Love it!

~Miss E. <-- $50.00 gift card to Shabby Apple Giveaway!!! :)

luckyno7 said...

love the outfit!
you are gorgeous!
I seriously love your style!

Jessica said...

thanks so much for stopping by! forgetting the camera is the worst! but it sounds like a fun event!!


Shannon said...

You look lovely.