Thursday, May 03, 2012

City Getaway Packing Tips

There are two kinds of packers:

A) Those who throw random things in a suitcase and end up having to wear a a denim jacket with jeans (a very select few can pull this off and I'm not one of them).

B) Those who are like me.

I've had many friends raise their eyebrows at me when I pull out my pack list and style itinerary. What's my style itinerary, you ask?

What I plan to wear, every day. Right down to the socks, accessories and undies. And I try it all on before I pack it.

It may be a bit extreme, but I assure you I've never had the hot wave of panic that I imagine would exist if a girl were to glance in a reflective shop window on Rodeo Drive and see her black polka dot underwear through white pants.

When packing for a trip, the two most basic things to consider are
  • The special considerations of the place you're heading to. Please check the local weather forecast and browse the internet for travel tips before you zip your suitcase. There are places where a rainjacket is needed on a regular basis (Vancouver) and Pepto Bismol is a food group (Caribbean).
  • The type of activities you'll be doing. Yes those strappy platform sandals are cute and you just had a fun pink pedicure, but after eight hours of city sightseeing your feet will be raw and bleeding. Not pretty.
R and I are headed to Maine and Massachusetts this weekend on a road trip to spend some quality time together, visit a shop or two (only for a quick moment...), and see Red Hot Chili Peppers. I can't talk about the concert right now because I'm writing this in Starbucks and I'll get too giddy.

I'm taking this suitcase:

By Foxy Jeans. 80% off at the Bay two years ago. Got this carry-on size and the large one.

It holds a surprising amount of stuff.

I like to pack a few days in advance.... it gives me time to "not forget".

Here's a copy of the 'pack list' I keep in my dresser drawer for quick reference. It saves me a lot of time to have a reminder of common things I need. I don't always need all items but it helps to skim over them.

Clothes (shirts, pants, belts, shoes, sneakers, underthings, socks, jackets, bathing suits).
Make up
Face cream (day and night)
Eye Cream
Q Tips
Body lotion
Shampoo and conditioner/other hair products
Face wash
Shower cap
Hair clips, ties, headbands
Hair appliances (curling iron/flat iron/hair dryer)
Camera and charger
Laptop and charger
Medications (don't forget headache remedies)
Bandaids (I told you not to wear those sandals)
Local currency
Toothbrush and toothpaste (floss is always in my handbag)
Tickets to event (I would DIE if I left my RHCP tickets at home)

My toiletries go in this case from LL Bean.

It's waterproof so if anything liquid spills, it won't get on the rest of my stuff.

I hoard travel sizes of lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc and I also have small bottles if I decide to decant something (although when I do that, I seem to waste some).

I try to limit my footwear by choosing outfits that I can wear with the same shoes.

I make sure the handbag I bring goes with everything I'm wearing. I'm bringing my champagne Coach tote this weekend. It's a really versatile color and holds a lot of things.

So, this will be my last post til the middle of next week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Erian said...

such a cute luggage :)have a great trip!

Style-Delights said...

Wow, great packing tip! And love ur bags! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog
NY Style Examiner

Jessica said...

good tips, i agree you want to have that all figured out so you can have fun elsewhere!


Anonymous said...

great suitcase!

Rachel said...

I neverrr have a big enough bag and always end up packing a million small and disorganized bags--- full of the stuff i really didn't need and leaving behind everything i did need! haha

xo Rachel

Rachel said...

I neverrr have a big enough bag and always end up packing a million small and disorganized bags--- full of the stuff i really didn't need and leaving behind everything i did need! haha

xo Rachel

Fabrizia said...

Wow, very useful packing tips! I like this post so much!
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Jules M said...

I plan my travel outfits too! I actually draw them out in a notepad that I take with me. Makes it much easier to get dressed each morning ;)

Stacey said...

Love this packing tips i'm such a bad packer!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!