Tuesday, February 13, 2018

90s and Now

The 90s was the decade that probably was the most influential on my own personal style, given that was the decade of my teen years. I love that the 90s seem to be sneaking back in - slip dresses, combat boots, monochrome dressing. I've done a tiny nod to the 90s here with a tank over a button up shirt. 

Style tip: It can get bulky looking if you try to do this with a thick weight button-up. Make sure the one you pick is thin. 

Shirt and hat: Forever 21
Tank: Uniqlo
Coat: Banana Republic
Boots: Town Shoes
Earrings: H&M

I actually wore this ages ago (Boxing Day, hence the stocking on the doorknob), but I've been really behind in my blogging these days. Blame it on all the good books I'm reading!

Glitterary Girl

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