Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm Done With You: February 2017

In this post, I'll share with you the products that I've finished lately. I'm making a conscious effort to use up products before I replace them. I'll also try to eliminate some things that are not quite finished yet but are not being used. My last post was at the end of December, so it's only been about six weeks of hoarding empties. 

My Bath & Body Works items are so much less than usual. I think it's because I started a bunch of new stuff and keep switching them out, so haven't really used many up all of the way. For those of you who like more masculine scents, New York Black Tie is a really nice candle. Jingle All the Way is the Christmas hand soap that was in our powder room and Fresh Sparkling Snow was in the kitchen.

The Aveeno unscented lotion is what I put on in the morning after my shower (I have a no-scent workplace). This Body Shop Vanilla Bliss body butter was one I had leftover from Christmas 2015. Gradual tanners and I don't get along that well - I do better with full strength sunless tanners. That being said, the Jargons is a good gradual tanner if they work with your skin type. The Secret anti-perspirant is the one I always use - cocoa butter scent.

The Sephora solid brush cleanser works really well for brushes. I use a small bar of soap for my beauty blender (the ones from hotels work really well). This Smiths Rosebud Salve was in my nightstand and I used it every night before bed. It lasts a really long time! This Rimmel Vinyl Gloss was old and clumpy so I ditched it.

On the left, The Alterna Caviar Cream is my favourite hair finishing product. The Ion Volume Booster  and Citre Shine shine spray were just sitting in my hair drawer not being used. I did finish the L'oreal Color Radiance heat protectant and I liked it - it mad my hair really silky.

That's it for my empties! I usually save up for two months or so before I post them.

Glitterary Girl

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