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I've made my way through more books than usual this month. I think it's because we've had some serious snow, which mean more time spent inside both at home and at work. I've spent several lunch hours reading in the past few weeks.

Where I Lost Her - T. Greenwood
Once in a while I like to read some mystery/suspense. This books was just enough of that for me, while still doing a good job of character development. The basic premise is that a woman thinks she sees a little girl run onto the woods in the middle of the night on the side of the road. The rest of the book is spent trying to figure out if she is real or imagined, and also touches on infertility.

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart
Another YA book that sucked me in! I thoroughly enjoyed this read that left me crying at the end. It was one of those reads where pieces of the story keep being revealed bit by bit until the end, which is a huge twist. This would be a perfect beach read for those of you who might be planning trips south in the next little bit!

Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett
I'm embarrassed to admit that this book took me over TWO YEARS to read. I started it on the plane going to our wedding. It is really long (about 1000 pages) and I would read chunks of it at a time and then put it down (sometimes for many months). I kind of liked reading it that way though as it felt more like a series of book than just one.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews
This book is bound to draw comparisons to The Fault in Our Stars, but it really is quite different. It was a quick read as some of the book is in script form. I didn't find sad at all, but the author warns that it isn't a sad book right from the beginning. I'll watch the movie soon and see how it compares to the book.


I'm still watching tons of YouTube, mostly make-up and style videos but also some travel stuff as well. I've been keeping a check on my on-line shopping lately (yay), but I did order a few bikini bottoms and shorts from Old Navy in preparation for our vacation next month. I usually don't have luck with swimsuits from Old Navy but they were 25% off and I can return them if they don't fit.


I'm burning through Season 3 of Suits. R and I have been catching up on This is Us and Grey's. We might start a new series soon - perhaps Riverdale or Stranger Things. Girls came back on for the final season. I like that show but also find it frustrating. I don't watch Bachelor spoilers so don't ruin it form me, but I'm predicting Vanessa to be the one who gets the final rose.


We've been eating a lot more vegetarian meals during the week. They are so quick to make compared to eating meat! I did eat out twice this weekend- once at Clay West for a retirement party (the nachos were decent) and then at Moxies with R, mom, and dad (the burger was delicious).

Veggie pad thai


I'm having a DAVIDsTEA at the moment - Pom Cider which I believe was one of the fall teas. I had a really good bottle of wine recently - Lucie Kehlmann by Gaspereau Vineyards. I had a weak moment at the grocery store yesterday and came home with zero calorie Cherry Coke.


I feel like the only two places I write these posts are at our kitchen table or at Starbucks. Today I'm at the table looking out at a very snowy golf course. We did lose a fair amount of snow yesterday as it was 7 degrees. That trend can continue please. The snowbanks are so dirty and gross.

I'm tired of bundling up. 


My tea. I can also smell the Wallflower in our powder room. It's a winter scent- something cinnamon.


It's pretty quiet here right now. I don't have anything on in the background. My favourite new song at the moment is Shape of You -Ed Sheeran.


Stretchy legging-pants, a sweatshirt, slippers. I doubt I'm going anywhere today on Heritage Day.


I'm actually feeling kind of blah today. I might spend the afternoon on the coach finishing Suits or reading. Overall I've been feeling much stronger lately. I'm on week 6 of Kayla Itsines (I'm following the fitness guide but not the food guide) and while the scale hasn't budged, I'm noticing big improvements in strength and subtle improvements in how my clothes are fitting. A lot of girls who've done it say they don't see big changes until around week 8 or so.


Five weeks from now I will be in Palm Springs. We just planned out our itinerary, making sure to leave some down time scheduled.

Glitterary Girl

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