Sunday, February 28, 2016

Arbonne 30 Days to Wellness and Beyond: Week 2

This post is a few days late for the end of my Week 2. I'm still sticking to the program, and haven't cheated once. Read about my Week 1 summary here.

The shakes are still tasting good, and I've discovered I like the vanilla shake blended with blueberries even more than raspberries. The blueberries cut the strong vanilla flavour perfectly. I've forgotten to take my omega 3's a few times - I really need to be better at remembering those. One thing I've noticed this week is that after I do my chocolate shake at lunch, I feel a little bloated. I mixed it up yesterday (Saturday, a non-working day) and tried to do the chocolate at breakfast instead. No bloating. The problem with this routine on work days is I need a blender for my vanilla shake, which I'm not willing to drag to work.

My suppers have been pretty standard, and much the same as Week 1. One fish meal, one beef meal, and the rest of the time is chicken. I do miss my usual more interesting suppers, but I'm not missing the prep for them. It really is quite easy to bake chicken, steam veggies, and make or heat up rice/quinoa.

Quinoa, fizz tabs, and vanilla blueberry shake.

The change this week is that I've really stepped up the workouts. I'm doing circuit training, to my own pace, with my own music. This is quite the deviation from my usual Beachbody workouts. We're making some changes to our workout room which will cut down a bit on the available floor space, but allow us to have the treadmill in front of the TV (right now it's in a room with no TV). I'm feeling a lot stronger, which is wonderful. My clothes are also fitting better, although I'm still not comfortable in my "judgement jeans".

On Thursday, I started my 7 Day Body Cleanse and so far that has been fine.  It's a liquid that you mix with a cup of water and drink at night. It tastes like freshly juiced apples, and there have been no sprints to the washroom so far (which I was really afraid of!)

I weighed myself on Saturday and was exactly the same as I was at the end of Week 1. I was really surprised, because I can see lots of changes in the mirror. I really wish that I'd taken before and after photos. I meant to, but forgot to on day one, and then by the second day I was already way less bloated so I figured it was too late to get an accurate "before"

In summary, I'm still finding the program easy to do, I'm a little frustrated with lack of pounds shed considering how many foods I'm eliminating, but I'm going to continue to push forward and work out hard. Here we go Week 3!

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