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My Monthly Purchases: March 2015

Every month, I break down my clothing expenses and share them. I used to have a monthly budget, but partway through 2014, I switched to a quarterly budget of $500. This can be rolled into the next quarter if it's not all spent. My goal is to keep my out of pocket expenses within $2000 a year. Gifts and gift cards don't count towards my budget.

My budget got a $200 injection this month from birthday money. This left me with $370 to spend for the month. Good thing, as I wasn't expecting to have to buy a new pair of boots!

Long Sleeve Tees: Gap
On sale from $25 each to $6 each
I bought this navy and white striped long sleeve tee (worn here) and the same one in plain black. My previous Gap black soft shirt has a hole in the cuff.

Sweater: Gap
On sale from $55 to $24
I'm drawn to olive green even more than usual lately. I've worn this sweater and it's super soft, but a bit short. I wear a long tank underneath. It would probably be a great length on most people who don't have the torso of a Dachshund like I do.

Shirt: Banana Republic (no longer available on-line)
On sale from $50 to $14
It's a boxier fit than I usually go for but I loved the bold print and can't wait for warmer weather to style it with my windowpane TopShop pencil skirt.

Shirt: Banana Republic (no longer available on-line)
On sale from $75 to $24
R and I made an impromptu trip to BR last weekend with the goal of finding stuff for him, but this tee ended up in our shopping bag as well. Love the mesh! I feel like my wardrobe is slowly turning into a Banana Republic store.

Boots: Aldo (no longer available on-line)
On sale from $160 to $110
My winter boots felt uncomfortable one day. I took them off and saw that the heels were worn right through! Then I panicked as I knew the serious snow boots would be leaving the stores soon. These were the third ones I tried on and they are really comfortable and have great grip. They'll be something to look forward to wearing next winter! Please...not again til next winter...

Cardigan: Forever 21
Regular price: $19
I was browsing on-line during a free shipping event and saw this. I like how it's kind of draped and unstructured.

Shirt: Old Navy (no longer available on-line)
On sale from $27 to $22
I really love the look of this paisley button-up. I think it will look great styled with a denim skirt or shorts (come on, July).

Shirt: Joe Fresh (no longer available on-line)
On sale from $19 to $7
I was on a hunt for a green plaid shirt. The length of this one is perfect. It covers the bottom enough to be worn with thick leggings. It's in the laundry. No picture for you.

I also bought a pair of grey sweater tights from Target (on sale from $12 to $8). I've worn them already - very comfortable and soft  - and they stay up!

Original value of items: $467
Price I paid: $240
I saved 49%
Total for the quarter (January- March) $570 - $200 birthday money: $370

I'll roll what's left ($130) forward into the next quarter (and maybe even further forward to our New England trip this summer).

On my radar for the next few months are a pair of mid-rise destroyed jeans (my current ones are far too low and five years old), something fringed (probably a skirt...), and a new pair of sneakers.

I'm linked with Franish today along with a bunch of fellow fashionistas - check out what they scored in March!

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