Friday, April 17, 2015

Bare Ankle Party

Yahoo for the return of bare (white and pasty) ankles! The no-socks count for this week has been three days.

Snow has drastically receded in our yard. The lamppost is fully free, the shrubs are totally exposed, and all that's really left in the front yard is the bank near the road.

Blazer: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Gap
Bag: Kate Spade
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Glasses: Burberry

I've worn these pants a lot lately. The pictures aren't very clear but they are faux suede and really soft. I hesitate to call them pants as they are pocketless in the back and skin tight - so in following the "leggings are not pants" rule - I will always be wearing these with a longer shirt.

Have a wonderful weekend full of fun!

Glitterary Girl

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