Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Right Now: 04/13/15

Reading: Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt. I'm really into coming-of-age stories lately. This one is great! Kobo tells me I'm 79% done. The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker is what I read previously and it was a fun and easy read - one I zoomed through.
Writing: Just blog posts and care plans at work.
Clicking: Who What Wear, blog posts, The Weather Network (to make sure there's no more snow)
Seeing: Sunset over the golf course. It's still snow-covered but I'm guessing there will be grass poking through by this time next week!
Smelling: Ketchup chips. I was so good today until now...
Hearing: The washer and dryer running. I was in such a good mood today. It was 12 degrees, the sun was shining, I had on shoes with no socks, and a brand new pair of pants. Then - to thank me for feeding them for the past week - a bird pooped on me. On my new pants. I'm washing them for the second time.

Watching: The Royals (think Gossip Girl, but with a royal family and set in England), DWTS, season two of Hart of Dixie, The Social, and I'm finishing season two of Orange is the New Black.
Feeling: Happy because I spent the weekend with one of my best friends, who I rarely get to see. We did some shopping, had some great food (including Tim Tams) and caught up! If only she didn't live five hours away by plane...

The cookie of true friendship.

Wearing: Fuzzy robe. My pants have bird poop on them.
Anticipating: The weekend (as always). Also, in two weeks I'm going to be making a big change with my hair as long as I don't chicken out!

Glitterary Girl


Caroline Leavitt said...

Oh, THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for reading my novel IS THIS TOMORROW. I am so grateful and happy! You really made my day.


Caroline (Leavitt)

Jen said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Caroline! I really enjoyed your book - finished it last night. I hope to read more from you someday. I wish I had more time to write. I made an effort to gain an agent for my first novel, but didn't get any bites. Glitterary Girl is a blend of glitter (for my girly side) and literary (for my bookish side). So glad you stopped by!