Thursday, March 19, 2015

This is Winter

Apologies blog readers for not keeping up with the style posts lately.

We had a big snow storm on Sunday, and then Wednesday, this happened.

My hero

I'm writing this on Wednesday afternoon, still unsure as to how the city is going to even function for the next little bit. The snowbanks were already enormous before this week, and I'm going to venture a guess that we've seen about 80 cm (almost 3 feet) of snow in the past four days.

Normally, our street gets plowed early - there's a school bus that uses it. With March Break this week, and being the only home on this stretch of the street, I'm a bit concerned. The drifts on the street were waist-high!

Snow style

Spring begins on Friday (LOL - that's just cruel).  I'm interested to hear everyone's predictions on how long this is going to take to melt. My guess is, the last trace of snow/ice will be on our property until May 2.

Glitterary Girl

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