Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Right Now 10.05.14 (1430)

Reading: Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I learned to Love my Body by Not Looking at it For a Year by Kjerstin Gruys. I was drawn to this book in the library because of it's pretty pink cover and then when I read the book jacket, I knew I had to borrow it. I'm not too far into it yet, but it's really funny. What a brave girl to have given up mirrors when she was getting ready to get married!
Writing: Emails upon emails to our wedding coordinators. Many many care plans at work (things suddenly got really busy). Blog posts when I can.
Clicking: On way fewer blogs than I'd like to (I'm so behind on all of my faves). I'm currently obsessed with finding a wedding lipstick, so I'm watching a lot of Youtube videos on makeup.
Seeing: Just the computer screen and a football game on TV
Smelling: Chocolate (we just shared a piece of my friend's delicious chocolate pavlova... yummmm)
Hearing: Football commentators (they are so LOUD). They need to learn to chill.
Feeling: Like I have developed a legit medical condition which I will call bridal brain. It's similar to baby brain. I keep losing things, spending ages looking for them, then finding them somewhere I have already looked. I hope I get my full mental faculties back after the ceremony. I'm also feeling a bit sleepy after my 2nd bachelorette party yesterday. It was so much fun! I'll blog about it soon.
Wearing: The warmest clothing I have right now that's not in storage. A football sweatshirt of R's, sweatpants, and socks. We had a golf cart tour of the golf course this morning and it was really cold and rainy. The golf course is so incredible though. Hard to believe something that stunning is being built in our little community!

Anticipating: Vegas, wedding, new house. I can't even focus on getting excited over one of these things because THEY ARE ALL SO FUN! The last time I was this excited was ten years ago anticipating leaving on my year-long overseas adventure.

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