Saturday, October 11, 2014

So Much Thanks

One of my absolute favourite colour combos ever - black, white, and red! My room was this colour scheme in junior high!

This was what I wore to a recent work conference. The first day of a conference, I tend to go with the pulled together "smart" look... aaaand day two is usually jeans. Guess which day this was?

Blazer: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Old Navy
Bag and Booties: c/o Nine West
Skirt: Club Monaco
Sunnies: Coach

Check out how well I match the leaves

Whenever I'm in Truro I try to stop at Jimolly's for a London Fog and some bakery treats. I swear a good London Fog will put me into a happy trance-like state.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! I have so much to be thankful for this year (and every year really). I've had great opportunities to hang out with friends and family lately (showers and bachelorettes galore), and I know the next few weeks will be full of love with our wedding only two short weeks away. Half the fun is the anticipation, so I'm in a really happy place right now! Not to say that it isn't stressful (especially when you throw in the dramatics of building a house)! Deep breaths...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I'll be back next week!

Glitterary Girl

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