Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My Monthly Purchases: June 2014

I'm excited to tally things up this month as it's my first time doing a quarterly budget instead of strictly month-to-month. I had some wiggle room with June as I under-spent in April and May (thanks to lots of birthday money).

I had $244 left to spend in June - let's see how I did.

Sneakers: American Eagle Outfitters
Discounted from $27 to $8
I love my Peter Pilotto for Target slip-on sneakers but they are very bright and don't go with a lot of things. These are neutral and comfortable.

Shirt: Old Navy
Discounted from $15 to $10
A classic striped shirt that can be worn to work or on the weekend. Seen here on the blog.

Sleepshirts: Victoria's Secret
Discounted from $65 to $19 (for two of them)
Incredibly soft and comfortable. I have lots of pants/shorts for sleeping and these are something great and different. The other one says "Another One of the Girls Angels". I also bought a few really cute  and deeply discounted bridal things that are being filed under "wedding budget".

Bikini Top: Victoria's Secret
Discounted from $34.50 to $8.50
There used to be a time when I'd never wear a mismatched bikini, but those times have changed. I love not matching! I bought a turquoise strappy top to go with my navy bikini bottoms. Sorry, I couldn't find it on-line.

Headband: Lululemon
Regular price: $18
This keeps my hair out of my face while doing P90X3 and is wide enough not to slip off. Can you believe I am onto my fifth week of the program and right on schedule with no missed days? Me neither.

Skirt: Club Monaco
Discounted from $150 to $41
This is replacing my old black pencil skirt. It still has that silhouette, but has some interesting details and leather trim.

Skirt: Gap
Discounted from $60 to $6
So cute. Way too short for work, but great for a humid summer day.

I also bought a dress from Club Monaco that I won't show, as I think it'll be my wedding rehearsal dress. I've had my eye on it, and found it on sale from $229 to $69.

Value of items: $599
Price I paid: $180
I saved 70%.

Quarterly results: 
April - $143 (divided into the stuff I bought and the stuff I got for free for my birthday)
May - $113
June - $180
= $436

I was $64 under budget for the quarter. 

I'm not sure yet if I will roll this over to next quarter.... or maybe save it for Vegas (that sounds like a better plan).

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Do you budget? How did you do for June?

Glitterary Girl

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