Sunday, July 22, 2012

Connect the Dots

This weekend was a wonderful reminder of why I love living in Nova Scotia. There are amazing wineries an hour from where I live.... so why was this the first time I'd ever been to see them?

R and I were lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding at Domaine de Grand Pre.

Dress: Forever 21 (South Portland)
Shoes: Old Navy (Halifax)
Clutch: Guess (Century 21, NYC)
Sunnies: Coach (TJ Maxx, South Portland)
Bracelets: Gift
Necklace: Tiffany & Co (gift)
Earrings: Le Chateau (Halifax)


I wore this dress to the rehersal dinner. I thought the polka dots might confuse the mosquitos into submission, but no such luck.

Nails: Suzy Sells Sushi by the Seashore (OPI). Please ignore the obvious spray tan lines on my fingers... hands are always the tricky part.

Baby grapes

Fabulous sunset

Do you have hidden gems in your locale?

Glitterary Girl


Rachel said...

YAY Polka Dot Dresses!!!
Totally cute! Gorgeous Sunset photo too!

xoxo Rachel :D

Unknown said...

love you in that polka dot dress : ) so pretty!!

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog

Audrey B said...

Loving those polka dots!

Rosalyn said...

I love the polka dots...thats my goal this week is to post one of my polka dot dresses...I also love the sunset picture...I often take picts of my sunsets...its so relaxing!
thanks again