Monday, December 18, 2017

Currently 12.18.17

Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari
I thought this book was really funny and a perfect look at how dating and romance has changed over the past few decades. I’ll be watching his series Master of None on Netflix soon.
That was the only book I finished in the past month!

Not much ! It’s that time of year... busy busy.

Social media. Surprisingly, not much on-line shopping. I did most of my Christmas shopping in actual stores this year, mostly on Black Friday. I’ve been watching a bunch of Vlogmas on YouTube. It’s hard to keep up with watching daily vlogs though.

The Night Before - Netflix. A funny adult content Christmas movie.
Love Actually - Netflix. Does anyone else always cry at the “ to me, you are perfect” scene?? What is wrong with me?
Orange is the New Black - Netflix. I’m halfway through the most recent season. It’s not nearly as good as it used to be...
Modern Family - I had a bunch of episodes backed up on the DVR. Such a funny show! It never gets old.
I’m looking forward to a new wave of shows in January, which I will watch from under a blanket in my warm basement. With wine.

I'm borrowing her for January binge TV snuggles. 

We had so much Chinese food left over from the work party last week. I’ve also been eating the usual  pre-Christmas baked goods and treats that are hanging around work and home, but I’m trying hard to be reasonable. We haven’t been out to a restaurant in a while actually. We tried Hello Fresh last week for the first time. I quite enjoyed it! We'll definitely try it again, maybe after our vacation - it's lovely not to have to plan a meal.

Hello Fresh

I’m writing this on my lunch break at Starbucks. Have they mopped the floor yet today? Salt everywhere.

Starbucks. Mostly the Christmas Tree frapp in front of me. Yum.

Conversations around me. Lots of retired men go to Starbucks in the early afternoon.

Zara bell sleeve top, Topshop black pants, black ankle boots. It's cold today!

Restless. Wishing I was on vacation. I find the week before Christmas is always hard to stay focused. I’m also feeling quite satisfied with myself because I’ve been keeping on my workout schedule almost perfectly throughout December, which is unusual for me. Could be the pressure of a beach vacation in January - LOL.

Christmas! Punta Cana! My oldest friend arriving home from China for the holidays! Not one but TWO of my closest friends in the world moving closer to me next year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Glitterary Girl

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