Sunday, October 15, 2017

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I've been turning more to TV/Netflix than books lately which is really weird for me.
Faithful- Alice Hoffman
I spent half this book liking it and half disliking it. The main character is hard to like at times. In short, it’s about a young girl who plays a part in a horrible accident and how she copes afterward over the course of several years.
My Not-So-Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella
I enjoy all books by SK. It’s very true to her usual style. A girl who thinks her own life isn’t good enough, tries to come across as someone who isn’t true to her real self.

I haven’t been writing a lot this month. I’ll get the urge to write something, then when I sit down to do it, I can’t focus. Sometimes my writing prompt book helps to get me going, but not always. And of course, I often think of things to write when I’m lying in bed and think I’ll remember them in the morning, but don’t.

I just did an on-ine rode at Gap with 40% off. I ordered a big box from Zara, but only ended up keeping one thing. Social media is taking up more of my time than it should, but I’m okay with that! I’m finding lots of fall style inspo on Instagram.

Friends from College- I finished this at the end of August and loved it. Can’t wait for season two.
The Affair - I only started this a month ago and I’m on season three already which is really quick for me to watch a show. This show is probably why I’ve not been reading much this month! It’s very addictive.
Girlboss- this one took me severally months to get through but I really liked it. Give it a try if you love fashion and throwbacks to the mid 2000s.
This is Us- I love this show! It makes me cry.
Grey's Anatomy- I’m still trying to get through last season. So far behind...
I don’t think I’ve watched any movies lately! I was toying with going to see IT in theatre but couldn’t decide if it would freak me out too much. We’ll probably watch a few scary movies before Halloween.

We had the best dinner at our friends’ place Friday night - shrimp and salmon, asparagus, pasta, bruschetta, and pie. Yum! We’ve had Chinese food a few times lately and I grabbed some Pad Thai from Thai Express last weekend. One order feeds me twice. I had some fabulous appetizers at The Stubborn Goat a few weeks ago with friends. I was doing the Arbonne protein shakes for breakfast and lunch most of the time in September and trying to eat clean 80% of the time. My clothes are fitting normally again, so it did what I intended for it to do!

I went to the Festival of Wines in September where I tasted a ton of really nice wines from all over the world. The same night, we ended up at Stubborn Goat where I had my favorite cocktail - The Bully. At home I’ve been enjoying the occasional glass of wine or bottle of Radler. Flavoured club soda has on high rotation as well.

Destroyed jeans, Club Monaco long sleeve tee, black Chucks.

I’m at Starbucks and I’m staring at some crumbs on my table that I’m trying to avoid. I’m really not feeling the vibe here today at all. Time to grab my London Fog and head home!

I’m back at home now and totally enjoying my Pumpkin Pie candle.

I've been playing Maroon 5's What Lovers Do waaaay too much.

I’ve been feeling rather blah for a few days, like I’m coming down with some sort of illness but it wants to take it’s sweet time to actually present itself. Work has been more stressful than usual the past few weeks but hopefully that will settle down soon. I haven’t been working out as much. Life has been busy- lots going on in the evenings to keep me away from the workout room. It's so dark in the morning, I can't tear myself out of bed to work out before work.

I actually have a legit Halloween costume this year which will be fun for a change Also looking forward to figuring out the mind boggling electronics on my new car.  Much like my iPhone, it takes me a bit to warm up to new to me technology. I'm heading to Annapolis Valley soon with my friend to check out some cider, wine, and beer spots. The leaves should be gorgeous! I found a new hobby I love in September- stand-up paddle-boarding. I'm excited to do it again next year.

Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring

SUP St. Margaret's Bay

Glitterary Girl

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