Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm Done With You: December 2016

In this post, I'll share with you the products that I've finished lately. I'm making a conscious effort to use up products before I replace them. I'll also try to eliminate some things that are not quite finished yet but are not being used.

There's always a good number of Bath & Body Works soap in my empties. All of these were a hit, including Kiss Kiss Mistletoe which was from last year. I don't think they had that scent this year. I always allow myself to stock up on the soaps when they're on sale because they always get used and my world would tip off its axis if I ever ran out.

These are two of my very favourite candle scents. I'm thrilled that Sweater Weather keeps coming back most seasons with different colors and packaging. This yellow was my favourite though. Both of these have very strong scents that will fill a large space.

Inside the Lush bag was a Cinders bath bomb which was cinnamon scented and quite nice. There is also a BBW hand sanitizer, a nail polish remover, and a sleeve of cotton rounds. 

The two hair products I used up were sample sizes. The one on the left is Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer which is a really nice leave-in hair primer and heat protectant. It was recently on for a 100 point perk at Sephora so I redeemed for another one. The Fekkai Brilliant Glossing cream was a staple of mine that lasts for YEARS. It's a finishing product that leaves your hair smooth and you only use a pea-sixes drop. I bought a giant one when Target closed that I'm still trying to make my way through. I'm rotating it with the Alterna Caviar CC Cream, which I think I like even better.

This skin care stuff was good, but I'm pretty scattered with my skin care. I like trying new things and get bored easily. I liked the Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 as a sunscreen but I didn't find it to be particularly mattifying. The Aveeno was fine as well. The Blistex was the lip balm at my work desk.

For make-up, I tossed a few products that I didn't like (The Essence lipstick and the Blinc mascara), a few that had gone funky (The Body Shop Mineral foundation and the Tarte lippie), and two that I used up (Benefit Gimme Brow and MAC brow pencil in Lingering). The brow products are both amazing but kind of pricey. I'm currently using some drug store alternatives.

I also purged a bunch of nail polishes (maybe ten or so) that were old or I wasn't using.

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my recycling! I usually do one of these posts every second month.

Glitterary Girl

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