Monday, October 10, 2016

My Monthly Purchases: September 2016

Every month, I break down my clothing expenses and share them. My quarterly budget is $500. This amount can be rolled into the next quarter if it's not all spent. My goal is to keep my out of pocket expenses within $2000 a year. Gifts and gift cards don't count towards my budget. Since I've been keeping a budget, I'm much more careful with what I buy, and I will return stuff at the end of the month if I'm not crazy about it after hanging it in my closet.

Sweatshirt: Zara
Reg $30
My love for athleisure is not going anywhere. R calls this my "90s teenage boy shirt". He tends to name my clothing that he doesn't understand (e.g. Clown pants, witch dress, dog collar necklace, eyeball earrings)

Top: Zara
Reg $16
I've donated a few black tops that we're getting worn, so I need to replenish. I like the sleeves on this one.

I held the sleeve to show the shape.

Scarf: Zara
Reg $16
Neck scarves are cute and I like that this one is a bit more elevated than a basic bandana.

Top: Hollister
Reg $18 on sale for $9
I bought this top in grey in July I think. I really like it, so when I saw it on sale I scooped it up in black.

Sneakers: Puma via Winners
Reg $125 on sale for $52
These shoes! I've been listing for them for ages and I almost bought them from Town Shoes, then someone told me they were at Winners. I love them. They are so comfy and its a life goal to collect as many fashion sneakers as my closet will fit.

Reg $12
I shopped hard for a wrap choker and this was the winner. I wanted silver detail but nothing to flashy.

Earrings: American Eagle Outfitters
Reg $10 on sale for $3.50
I wear my Stella & Dot grey earrings all the time so I know I'll wear these too.

Original value of items $228
Price I paid $139
I saved 39%

I'm rolling over $26 to next quarter. My mission is to find a perfect black crew neck sweater. The last quarter of the year is always so challenging as it includes Black Friday and Boxing Day.

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