Sunday, October 02, 2016

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The Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline
A novel about two young girls who have no place to call home. I read this on my Kobo and really enjoyed it. The story kept moving from past to present and I liked that there were two main characters.
Wicked - Gregory Maguire
The backstory of The Wizard of Oz. I left this book at work to read on my breaks so it took two months to finish. It was okay, but I wished it had a character guide and glossary. So many weird words! I was relieved when I completed it!

I'm reading two great books now that I'll share with you next month!

Zara on-line shopping has been a thing for me lately. I like ordering a bunch of stuff because it's free shipping and free returns. It's even better than shopping in-store because you can try it on in your own home with all your other clothes and shoes. They update the stock twice a week so there's always tons of new items.

I finished season four of Orange is the New Black - I really liked this season! R and I also finished season four of Homeland. OMG you MUST watch that new show This is Us. I've just watched the first episode and I am completely hooked already. Honestly, the best pilot I've seen in a really long time.  We're also watching a lots of Blue Jays baseball.

Too much! I haven't stepped on the scale but I'm pretty sure I gained five pounds since early August. Oops. I've been to a few of my old favourites lately- Il Mercato and The Stubborn Goat.  One Halifax staple that I hadn't tried yet - Morris East - was a girls night spot this month. Of course I had pizza and it was delicious. Pannizza is a new spot in The Terrace at HSC. I dropped by for lunch a few weeks ago and I was impressed! I had the pepperoni pizza. I finally tried The Dairy Bar on South Park street, and the ice cream didn't disappoint.

Vanilla bean ice cream

Autumn is here and I'm back into hot tea. I need to stock up on some fall blends. One I've tried already is Blueberry Muffin from DAVIDsTEA - super yummy.  I've been loving Bulwarks cider lately.  I bought a taster pack and they are all good! I'm still drinking lots of naturally flavoured sparkling water, and I finally found Skinny Girl naturally flavoured water enhancer. I don't like using the ones that are artificially sweetened. 

I'm sitting at Starbucks blogging, and they have the cutest lidded glasses on sale. I don't need one... Or do I? There's a girl here doing schoolwork. If I were still in school I'm sure I'd live here and drink all of my caloric intake. 

Coffee.  I'm drinking a green iced tea. I have THREE free drinks on my gold card (learn to work the bonus points system - it's fab) but I'm hoarding them. Whenever I have a free drink I order the most massive elaborate thing I can think of. I think last time I had one it was a venti non fat chai latte with whip, a shot of hazelnut and graham cracker sprinkles. 

Jazz music. Who gets to pick this music here? It should be me. 

My  grey and black Cambio jeans, a grey mock neck, Tory Burch black flats. This is probably the last weekend I'll be able to go without a jacket. Sad, but boy am I excited to bust out the bomber jackets. 

Productive. I did some housework and ironing this morning and have supper cooking in the slow cooker. 

On Monday I start 22 Minute Hard Corps. I've been doing the workouts sporadically for a few weeks without sticking to the schedule, but Monday is the day that I get down to business. Remember the 10 lbs I lost this spring? It's baaack... Well at least half of it is back. 

Glitterary Girl

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