Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm Done With You: August 2016

I'm trying out a new type of post, which I hope will also be helpful to me. You see, I have the bad habit of collecting too many products. I'll be halfway done a product I actually like but will buy another product of the same type because I "just need to try it". The problem is, I won't finish the first product, so then I end up with ten concealers. And then I cry... and then I need more concealer. Just kidding!

I'm sharing with you the products that I've finished, and I'll let you know if I like them enough to repurchase. I'll also throw in some products that are not finished, but I'm not using, so to the bin they go!

First up is Bath & Body Works. I'm sure I will always have a good portion of my empties from this brand because we use their hand soaps and candles all the time.

The hand soaps we recently used up were all ones we liked. I find with hand soaps, you generally always like them because you can smell them in the store and they usually translate into the same smell on your hands. We like the foaming ones better than the gel type, EXCEPT in the kitchen I like the gel better. I also used up a shower gel (Ocean Melon and Mango) which was really great smelling. The candle (Peach Bellini) was fantastic and really threw the scent well. Sometimes I love the smell of candles but find that the scent doesn't travel far enough through the house. 

The Dove antiperspirant I was not a fan of. I used it for a few days and then went back to my usual which is Secret (the click up gel in either vanilla or cocoa butter). The Bioderma micelle solution is THE BEST makeup remover I have ever tried (Thank you Sara at Girl Met Blush who always helps me with my SDM hauls!) I have several other types of make up remover I need to use up before I open my second bottle of Bioderma, but I doubt I will like the others more. The Bare Minerals Skin Longevity is a serum sample I think I got as a 100 point reward at Sephora. It was nice, but not life changing. However in reading some reviews on the Sephora website, people are saying you have to use it for a few weeks before you notice how it's working for you.  The Body Shop lip product is barely used. I just didn't like how it felt on my lips. 

The Make Up Forever HD foundation is empty despite how it looks. I really love this foundation, but lately I have been trying to find more affordable alternatives. I'm currently using both Clinique Even Better or Maybelline Fit Me . The Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study is dried up (see how it cracked around the edges?) I used this for literally years almost every day as an eyeshadow - it lasts forever. However, I've totally gone off shimmery eye colors so if I bought another Paint Pot, I'd get a matte one. The Essence pigment was a whim purchase a few years ago that I never used. I'm not sure why I felt I needed a charcoal shimmery shadow as I'm not into dark eye looks on me. Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon was a product I really enjoyed. It is easy to use and made my brows look done without looking over done. I'd definitely consider buying this again after I use up the other four brow products I'm currently using. 

I hope you enjoyed peeking at my garbage/recycling! I'll do another post once I have enough empties to tell you about. Enjoy your week!

Glitterary Girl 

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