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Justin Bieber : First Step to Forever, My Story - Justin did this book pretty early on in his career. It was a good read, but if you've watched the movie Never Say Never, you already know a lot about his early days.
The Nest - a solid summer read. It was not quite as good to me as it was hyped up to be, but I did enjoy it.
Travels With Bertha: two years exploring Australia in a 1978 Ford station wagon- This book was full of déjà vu for me. I wished it were longer as a lot of the places in Australia that were visited by the author were places I saw as well. I couldn't get over that he only wrote a few pages on the place that was in my opinion one of the most interesting in all of the country - Magnetic Island. One thing he said that really stuck with me is how hard it is to say goodbye to the people you meet when traveling, as most of them you'll never see again. They say that if you travel with someone for a week, it feels like a month, which is totally true. I was beyond lucky to have traveled with  the best people. Even if we don't keep in touch often, I think of them all the time.
I'm also in the midst of fall fashion issues. The best time of year for magazines!


Packing list for Toronto. Blog posts once a week for now. 


I'm finding new channels to subscribe to on You Tube. Fall fashion is on the horizon so ive been checking out my usual fashion sites. 


Like the rest of Canada, I tuned into TheTragically Hip's last concert last night which was so good and so sad. I grew up with The Hip and they were considered my favorite band for a good three years from 16- 19 or so. I cried at least five times during the show. Bachelor in Paradise has been on a lot in our house #teamnick. I watched some Olympic action too. I loved cheering on our local lady- Ellie Black in gymnastics.

Eating and Drinking

Too much! Summer will do that to me! We had some snacks and drinks on the clubhouse deck at the golf course last night. I've also been to the Stubbirn Goat beer garden on the waterfront a few times in the past few weeks- so good! We had dinner at La Frasca last week and dessert at Sweet Hereafter, both are always excellent.


A bunch of stuff set aside for Toronto. I'll be flying with only a carry on for the first time. I like a good challenge. 


The washing machine going. We're on time of day savings for power so we try to get laundry done on the weekend.


The sunscreen I put on today. 


Banana Republic shorts, a Gap tee, no shoes, 


Tired! We spent a good part of the day outside and the sun makes me sleepy!


Getting away for a long weekend in Toronto. This week I will be seeing both of my best friends (separately). It's so rare that I see even one of them - two is epic!

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