Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Right Now: 09.20.15

Reading: Just this afternoon, I finished a great read called Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to read it, but the book shows two different versions of life that are created by a girl who has to make a decision. It really made me think about how lives can turn out very differently based on choices we make, that at the time, don't seem life-altering. Recently I  read Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, which was recommended to me ages ago (thanks, Rachel!) It was great timing, as the story is about Frank Lloyd Wright, and we just happen to be traveling soon to Scottsdale which is one of the towns he lived in. The ending was shocking!

Writing: Not much in the way of blog posts! I can't explain it any other way except to say I'm feeling uninspired. I'm still into fashion and following blogs, but I'm getting super lazy with actually taking the time to get outfit shots. I'm having no luck with the lighting around our place, which makes the tripod and "run into the shot" game even more challenging than usual.

Clicking: I've fallen in love with Instagram again. More in the way of looking at others pictures and finding new people to follow than actually posting my own. Maybe I'm becoming shy?I've also been browsing random shows and street style photos from NY and London Fashion Week. I watched the Topshop show live this morning. Spring 2016 looks like it will feature lots of polka dots and ankle cropped pants.

Seeing: I'm sitting at the table and loving the new pops of color I can see in the living room. After struggling with the choice of an accent color for months, I finally picked yellow and I'm super happy I did. Grey and yellow look so great together, and I've styled the open concept place in a way that I could easily change the color without too much cost if I get bored of it a few years. Next to do is deciding on wall decor.

Smelling: Dry shampoo that I used earlier today. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one. This one is far too scented.

Feeling: Frustrated for a number of reasons. I'm blaming most of it on the fact that it has been exactly a month since we've had a fridge that works. The guy came to "fix it" on Friday, after weeks of waiting for a part to arrive. It still doesn't work. We've been surviving out of a bar fridge, which makes it pretty hard to stock up on groceries properly and means I have to cook small portions. I'm also feeling tired. I have a feeling the B12 supplements I've been taking aren't working.

Watching: R was away for a few days (I missed him but I didn't miss his noisy sports shows) and I watched some DVR'ed episodes of The Social and I Am Cait. I've also been watching (and maybe re-watching) all of Justin Bieber's recent media appearances.

Wearing: Jeans, tee, sunglasses on my head. No make up. No jewelry. I'm sticking close to home today.

Hearing: The washing machine in it's third cycle of the day.

Anticipating: Vacation is coming to me in two weeks! I also have a physiotherapy reunion with many of my classmates here in Halifax soon, and am super-pumped to be checking out Scottsdale and all it has to offer.

My vibe today. We've been having a lovely September.

Glitterary Girl

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