Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TOMS for Target

Stylish and charitable - I adore the new Target collaboration!

On Nov. 16, Target and TOMS launched their line. I was stoked to go that morning, but life (and my life right now is cleaning and organizing) got in the way. Monday at lunch was when I was able to check it out.

For each item bought, a week of meals, a blanket, or shoes will be donated to someone in need. How could you possibly say no? It's like donating to charity and getting something great for free!

The hoodies are beautiful, but I just don't need another hoodie in my life right now. If you're in the market for one, you should definitely check them out! I tried on the lighter poncho but like every other poncho, it seemed to overwhelm me. If I can find the darker one at another store, I'll try it on. TOMS shoes are so cute, but they are always too wide for me. I love the black shiny ones from this collection!

Here's the link to the full collection:

I ended up choosing a pretty, casual, but feminine tee (shown below) that has rose gold lettering. For $16 and the charitable donation, it was a total steal. Since it was for charity, I'm not counting it towards my clothing budget for the quarter.

Hurry to Target before this collection disappears!

Glitterary Girl

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