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My Monthly Purchases: October 2014

This was a very heavy spending month. Vegas will do that to a clothing budget!

October is also the first month of my shopping quarter, so the amount of shopping I'll be doing for myself in November and December will be tiny!

Here's what I bought before Vegas:

Jeans: American Eagle Artist Crop
Discounted from $50 to $20
My current cropped jeans are scandalously low-rise and needed to be replaced. I've been very happy with the past few denim purchases I've made lately from AE.

Jumpsuit: Smart Set
Discounted from $55 to $21
I cannot believe I own a jumpsuit. One-piece garments of any kind are usually a really bad idea for me (don't ask, I'm long-waisted), but this one fits well! I admit I haven't styled it yet, but I'm excited to wear it soon with a belt and booties.

Now for the Vegas buys (in American $$.) I did all my shopping at the Vegas North Premium Outlets and Fashion Show Mall:

Blazer: Armani Exchange (army green, pretty basic, no photo)
Discounted from $148 to $30
I've been looking for an army green blazer. This one fit well and the price couldn't be beat!

Flats: Tory Burch (found on Shop Bop)
Discounted from $235 to $129 
I've always wanted Tory Burch flats! It was a toss up between these ones and a pair from Vince Camuto, but these won because they were more fun! Gotta love the outlet price! I found the bags at the outlet to be really expensive for an outlet store, but the shoes were discounted nicely.

image via Shop Bop

Sweater: J Crew
Discounted from $74.50 to $37.00
I have now filled my camel-coloured sweater void. Camel goes with so many other colours.

Shirt: Top Shop
Regular Price: $28
This will go well with my Top Shop windowpane skirt and other high-waisted skirts I own. The colour is rich and I can wear it with a blazer on top in the winter.

Headband: Anthropologie
Discounted from $28 to $11
I want to make a bigger effort to be less boring with my hair. This headband is a nice way to make a subtle statement.

Cardigan: Forever 21
Regular Price: $20
OK, I now fully understand why I rarely buy anything at Forever 21 in Canada, but always find stuff in the States. The prices are SO MUCH cheaper. Seriously. I tried on a jacket that I liked but I knew it would be heavy in my suitcase, so I figured I might pick it up in Canada. It's $20 more here, BEFORE you factor in the exchange rate. Agh. I was on the hunt for both a heavy weight and lightweight cardigan. Here is the heavy one. I bought it in grey.

Cardigan: Forever 21
Regular price: $9
My trusted H&M navy cardi is three years old and showing it. Here's a replacement at a great price. If it falls apart, I don't care. This will do until I find a great quality one.

Handbag: Kate Spade Southport Avenue Alessa (found on Amazon)
Discounted from $348 to $146
I have waited almost a year to buy a new black handbag after deciding my six year old Coach tote needs to retire. Lesson learned: Never buy an expensive fabric bag - always go leather. Still, six years was a good run.... I used it soooo much. I was very picky with my new handbag. I wanted something structured so when I put something in it, it stays where it belongs. I love the idea of a unstructured bag, but so much time is wasted with rummaging. I also wanted an outside pocket and the ability to wear it cross body. The only thing this bag is missing is feet. Hopefully the bottom won't get banged up. I also wanted gold details so it will match my winter coat.

Shoes: Jack Purcell by Converse (found at The Bay)
Discounted from $80 to $24
I went in to buy laces and came out with these. I just have to accept that in my mind, I will never have enough Converse. These are leather and awesome. I even managed to pull them off with a dress in Vegas (watch for that post soon).

Scarf: Zara
Regular price: $30
I've been wanting a nice plaid scarf from Zara since last year. They are so cozy!

Gift from my mom:
Earrings: Tory Burch
These are sold out on-line everywhere I looked on-line. They are quite big on me for studs as my ears are tiny. Very classy! Thanks Mom!

Image source 

Value of Items: $1105.50
Price I Paid: $505

I saved 54%

That leaves me with $145 to spend for the rest of the year. Gah. I'm going to have to be extremely selective... and find somewhere else to hang out at lunch besides the mall.

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