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My Monthly Purchases: July 2014

Here's where I share with you the clothing purchases I've made for the month. Instead of a monthly budget, I do a seasonal budget, which is $500 per quarter. Money I don't spent in one season, I roll forward to the next. I try as much as possible to wait for things to go on sale, as my closet really has no "holes" and my buys are almost always wants versus needs.

How has it taken me 35 years to realize that because Nova Scotia has a slow start to summer, there is no sense in buying summer clothes until July, when they're on clearance! Why buy them in April when they're not needed and full price?

Shorts: Gap
Discounted from $60 to $9
Distressed denim shorts were on my to-buy list. I was picky, tried on a bunch that didn't work, and finally found these.

Shirt: Smart Set
Discounted from $25 to $7.50
I had a shirt in the same colour that I recently retired and missed. Mine is grey but the same colour is no longer available. I love the zipper detail.

Tank: Banana Republic (different color)
Discounted from $36.50 to $11.50
Summer stripes! I wore this here.

Bracelet: Banana Republic (no longer available on-line)
Discounted from $45 to $10
I could NOT leave this in the store. I was actually giddy. My beloved elephant bracelet from Fiji lost a very obvious stone and is retired now, so I now have another elephant fix.

The rest of the purchases, I don't have photos for. I'll style them on the blog soon enough!

Tee: Gap (not available on-line)
Discounted from $20 to $4
I have an absence of red in my summer wardrobe so I bought a very basic soft red tee. I have the same one in navy from earlier this year.

Shoes: Gap (not available on-line)
Discounted to $6 (could not find original price)
Picture this: shiny light grey oxford shoes. Not sure how often they will get worn but they are very cute and the price was right. They will work well to toughen up a girly outfit.

Sandals: Le Chateau (not available on-line)
Discounted from $30 to $20
These were kind of bought on a whim. I felt like new shoes. They're ok but it's obvious the leather is faux. They're brown and have three buckles, one at the toes and two at the ankle.

Hat: Le Chateau Outlet
Discounted to $5 (could not find original price)
I needed a new summer hat that wasn't a fedora style. I bought an army green one with a brim

I also bought a few things for the wedding, but they don't count towards this budget.

I was well under budget this month (yay), which means more money to use in Vegas!

Value of items (estimated as I didn't know the original price of a few things): $282
Price I paid: $73
I saved 74%

I have $427 left to spend this quarter. August is always a hard month to resist as all the fall stuff is coming out.

I'm linked with Franish today - I LOVE seeing what the other bloggers bought!

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wow you got a great deal on those shorts! so cute :)