Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Loves Lately: August 2014

This summer has been a busy one! I thought I'd dedicate this edition of Little Loves Lately to things that have helped me unwind and re-charge.

1) Starbucks Cool Lime Refreshers

It's treat receipt time! Almost as good as Frappucino Happy Hour (but not quite). These have the caffeine kick of coffee without the coffee taste. Super thirst-quenching! If the barista is nice, they'll put a bunch of lime rings in it. I've needed the energy many afternoons this summer as I've been getting up earlier to work out.

2) Maybelline Bare Escape Nail Polish

This has been my go-to colour this summer. It's really clean looking. I'm all about solid nails right now - I think I made myself sick of nail art for the moment. There's something slightly therapeutic about putting a fresh coat of polish on, and it always makes me feel more pulled-together.

3) My favourite magazines.

Yes, I've been reading my usual fiction this summer, but I've also been enjoying my magazines as well. I'm always curious to hear what other people read - share your picks! I always get 3/$10 every month at Wal-Mart. I always get Instyle and People Style Watch. The third one varies, although it's usually Cosmo (which I've been much more impressed with lately), although the fashion tends to be on the younger/wild side (do I sound like a Granny yet?)

4) My friend introduced me to this wine not long ago and I can't wait to get a bottle for myself! Luckett's Phone Box White is delicious. I'd tried and loved Phone Box Red before, but didn't realize there was a white version. I'm partial to sweet wines (Reisling, Moscato and the like), so if you don't like a fruity sweet wine, I'd pick one of his drier versions (Tidal Bay is lovely).

Glitterary Girl

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Unknown said...

Hey Jen, I'm with you on Cosmo having improved lately. I've also been reading UK Cosmo the past couple of months and loving it even more than the American publication. Onlt down side is all of these products I now want to try that don't seem to be easily available in North America.