Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mullet Love

I still giggle when I hear these being called mullet skirts. It sounds so much more interesting than high-low skirt.

Tank: Gap Factory Store (Halifax)
Skirt: Forever 21 (South Portland). Also seen here.
Shoes: Aldo (Vancouver)
Belt: H&M (Vancouver)
Bag: Coach (Toronto)
Necklace: Forever 21 (LA)
Bracelets: Gift, homemade by moi, and Sephora ribbon hair tie

Excuse the hair.

Mental note: When the humidity is in the mid-30's, it's best to take the outfit photo BEFORE wandering around the waterfront for four hours.

What a great day - a visit with my BFF and her family from Toronto, Bud Light Lime on the waterfront, and Cows ice cream. Gooey Mooey = best treat ever.

Glitterary Girl


Unknown said...

Love the skirt. I giggle too at mullet!

Understated Classics

Anonymous said...

Darling skirt! Mullet haha

Unknown said...

cute outfit!!

also have a look at my blog to see the answers to your questions from the award you gave me :)

Unknown said...

Great pics!!!!! Amazing outfit!!!!!!!!


Style Isle said...

Liking that skirt


Nuha said...

you look so great! and the name mullet skirt is definitely funner than hi-low!