Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glymm August 2012

Ooh la la!

I like the patterned bag!

Welcome to my August 2012 review of Glymm - a Canadian beauty sample company that sends monthly treats.

The Laundress Delicate Wash. Laundry detergent is sort of like a cleaning product, and while I'm sure it's lovely, not really what I want to get in my beauty bag. Please don't send me a Magic Eraser next month (tee hee).

Atelier Cologne Absolue- Vanille Insensee. I was excited to see this company again, as I loved the other sample from them a few months back. This perfume is another hit! Vanilla, jasmine and lime.

Bentaberry- Creme Hydratante Regulatrice. This face cream was OK, but it was a bit sticky. I used it at night, so I can't really comment on the fact that it's supposed to be mattifying.

Mai Couture Foundation Powder Papier in Fair Glow. I haven't tried this yet but am intrigued. I don't wear foundation often (lazy!) but this is a different way of applying.

Vitamine and Sea Mineral Clay Mask. Wow, we get a lot of masks with Glymm! I don't mind the abundance of masks though, because I know I really should use them more often. This is a product I'll try soon. You can smell the Dead Sea in it!

Naked Princess Naked Shine in Barely Nude. I soooo wish this sample was bigger (like full size!). I really like this gloss. It has "plumpers" in it (hello plush lips), and the color is a great nude. Might be something I spend my beauty points on in the near future!

Overall, I liked most of  the samples and the bag itself, but was a wee bit disappointed that there was no full-sized product this month.

If you'd like to subscribe to Glymm, here's the link.

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