Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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The Royal We - Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
I bought this from Kobo around the time of the Royal Wedding. It was a long read but a really good one. Bex falls for the future king of England and their relationship is followed from meeting at university up until the day of the wedding.

Alone in the Classroom - Elizabeth Hay
I liked book but it was kind of dark. It took a while to get through as it was the one I left at work to read on breaks.

Girl at War- Sarah Novik
A Kobo read from the library. It was entertaining and educational. All about the war in Croatia and a young girl who faces a ton of tragedy.

I’m sort of stalled on my most recent writing project. Summertime is hard because there’s a lot going on. Maybe I’ll get back into it in the fall.

Boating on Halifax Harbour Canada Day weekend

I’m deeply into The Handmaid’s Tale and the season finale is tonight. I’m also watching The Bachelorette (IDGAF who she ends up with but can we please have more Colton?) and Queer Eye. YouTube has fallen off my radar lately.

I did a massive Zara sale order and returned all but one top! I did a lesser Gap order but barely liked anything with that one either. I’ve been reading up on all the details of JB and Hailey’s engagement. I was not surprised at all and I actually like her best out of all the girls he’s dated. I’m guessing it’s going to be a down south or Canada wedding.

Clouds and golfers. I’m under the umbrella on the back deck. It’s cloudy but warm.

Lululemon shorts, a black tee. I've been trying to wear a lot of skirts and dresses to work as we have so few months to do that here in NS...

I had the most incredible doughnut from Vandal on Friday. It was called unicorn poop and it tasted like marshmallows and heaven. I had amazing pizza this week at Rinaldo’s - I'll be back there very soon for sure!  My mom made seafood casserole yesterday with strawberry shortcake for dessert and was nice enough to send me home with one of her boxes of Riverbreeze strawberries. Ribfest was a few weeks ago and I had some yummy pulled pork there!

Unicorn Poop

I’ve been trying a bunch of new cider, radlers and fruity beers from the NSLC lately. I just buy them in singles so I can try different ones. I’m in love with Garrison Pucker Up! A few of the girls from work and I went to the East Coast Cider Fest in June. It was really fun and we tried so many good ciders. My favourite was Earl Blue from Annapolis Cider. R and I keep toying with the idea of getting  a Soda Stream.

East Coast Cider Fest

Today's sampler- good!

Birds chirping. Random traffic noises from St Margaret's Bay Rd.

Kettle corn :) Snack time!

Strong. I've been so disciplined with my workouts for the past few months. I will miss one occasionally if I have plans but for the most part I've been sticking with Beachbody On Demand and a few YouTube workouts to mix it up. I work out three weekdays and both weekend days. I'm also feeling the love from connecting with so many close friends who have been visiting from away.

There are many social events coming up... including Halifax Pride, a family BBQ, a get together on my deck, and a trip to Toronto in August. Also hoping to get to Annapolis Cider and The Ovens sometime in the next few weeks.

Glitterary Girl

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