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The Best Kind of People - Zoe Whittall. I've owned this book for ages (over a year) and just picked it up recently. I tend to hoard books like that. This was a very good book about a teacher who gets accused of something unexpected. The ending was a bit odd, but I liked it overall.
The People We Hate at the Wedding - Grant Ginder. A sometimes funny, sometimes touching book about family members who are trying not to fall apart.
Next Year, For Sure - Zoey Leigh Peterson. I actually didn't like this one as much as I expected to.  For a book about open relationships, I expected it to be a bit more exciting.

Using the empty cubicle across from me for break time at work- I miss you Mary :(

I've been doing a bit more writing lately, mainly at Starbucks, although I'm doing some this afternoon at home as well as blogging. I had a book idea yesterday that I need to brainstorm and get down on paper.

Social media, although I feel like I lurk much more than I now participate. Can't reminder the last time I updated my status on Facebook. I'm a little more active on Instagram, but not much. I've been choosing reading and TV lately over YouTube.

I've watched a few movies lately - Baywatch (shallow but entertaining.. hi Zac), Fifty Shades of Grey (better than I expected it to be actually...), and Into the Forest (depressing but decent). I finished Season 4 of Suits and am working my way through Season 4 of OITNB. Weekly faves include This is Us, Modern Family, KUWTK, and Greys. The Royals and The Arrangement start again tonight.

I'm in the basement looking out the patio doors and seeing more snow on the ground than we've had in some time.

Uniqlo pants, lululemon sweatshirt, pink socks

I ate at Resto Urban Dining in Bedford last week and the greek pizza I had was really good. I'd like to try it again sometime. Last week I made some good lettuce wraps. There's a new recipe for blueberry muffins that I'm going to test out soon, maybe on my staycation. I tried Vandal Doughnuts a few weeks ago (super good) and need to get back and try another flavour. Burger Week starts in 11 days...

There's a great private store in Clayton Park called Westside Beer Wine Spirits. I went for the first time a few weekends ago and spent at least 20 minutes browsing the aisles. I came away with a few goodies, most notably 7 Shores Peach Vanilla Bean cider. YUM! I also tried a great red wine courtesy of our neighbours - Young Brute (Australia). I've had a few Second Cup London Fogs as they're doing a Wednesday deal on lattes. Starbucks launched new tea lattes recently. I've tried the Blooming Rose one which I really enjoy, but it's a unique taste that isn't going to be for everyone.

Homemade white chocolate chai latte courtesy of my neighbour! 

A Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works

It's actually really quiet. I don't even have the TV on in the background.

A bit tired from the time change.

It will be nice to have 11 days off in a few weeks but I'm a bit bummed that we decided not to go on a trip. Staycations can be ok, but it's a weird time of year to be off without big plans. I need to structure my days so I don't end up reading, napping, and cleaning the whole time.

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