Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What’s Up Doc

One day I was sitting at the mall, sipping on a Starbucks iced tea and browsing Instagram on my phone, when I had a sudden urge to buy something very specific. "I think I want a pair of Docs" I typed out to a friend, and as soon as I hit send, I got up out of the chair and went and ordered them at Little Burgundy. 

Vest: Club Monaco
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Gap Factory
Boots: Dr. Marten Pascal 8 Eye via Little Burgundy (color no longer available)

I originally ordered them in white, but when they arrived and I tried them on, SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) told me they looked like figure skates. And, they kind of did. So back they went and instead I ordered these green ones.

I LOVE THEM. The first few times I wore them, they were not so comfy. Thank goodness for thick socks. But the more I wear them, they better they feel. I have a blue pair of combat boots from Aldo and I wear them a lot, so I'm sure these will get much wear for many years to come.

Glitterary Girl

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