Sunday, June 26, 2016

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The Vacationers by Emma Straub
Fun book about a dysfunctional family on vacation. A perfect book  to read on your own vacation - flows well and nothing too deep. I'd certainly read more by this author.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Oh my. This book will stick with me for a long time. I did save my tears for the last few chapters though. This movie is out in theatres now, but I will be waiting to watch it in the comfort of my own home. It was a really hard book to put down. Remember a few months ago when I said I was starting to rough out a new novel (not that I'll ever have time to write it...)? Well, the main theme for my book is the same main theme for Me Before You - and I didn't know that until halfway through this book.


Not much on the blog front if you haven't noticed. It's just too hard to get photos! There's a new empty house next door. Can a photographer move in please?


I'm still obsessed with You Tube. My favourite channel lately is Allana Davison. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for me to transition my blog into a You Tube channel. It's a lot easier to video independently than take photos. It wouldn't fill my creative need to write though.



R and I went to see Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping at the theatre a few weeks ago. It was ok, but it would have been made a decent rental. I'm still  making my way through Season 3 of Hart of Dixie. We're (of course) watching The Bachelorette. I'm also into Keeping Up with the Kardashians- way waaaay late in the game. Does anyone know how to access the past seasons?

Eating and Drinking

I went out for lunch with a dear friend to The Brooklyn Warehouse last week. The falafel wrap was super yummy. I've been indulging is massive quantities of $1 ice teas from DavidsTea. My favourite ones of late has to be Caramel Corn and Pineapple Mimosa - so refreshing! I'm also cold steeping teas overnight in the fridge so they are ready for me in the morning. I've used up quite a few loose tea bags lately. need to stock up! Our cousins had the family out to their amazing lakefront cottage yesterday and cooked us  BBQ steaks and twice baked potatoes. So good! I also tried No Boats on Sunday hard cider which is made in my hometown! It was delicious!


Golfers! I'm out on the deck writing this post and Sundays are usually really busy on the golf course. The last shot I saw went into the bunker.


We get a bit of noise from the main road and there are tons of motorcycles out today. It's a great day for it- sunny and 24. We've been very lucky to have two beautiful weekends in a row.


Fresh air! Also, remnants of The Body Shop raspberry perfume I out on this morning.


Khaki shorts, striped tee, no shoes.


Relaxed. I really don't feel like going inside and tackling my housework... Lately I've been sticking to a cleaning schedule and it's been working great. Let me know if you want any details on what I've been doing. It keeps me on top of stuff so I don't ever have to do a ton of cleaning all at once.


A three day week and 4 day weekend! I took Thursday off to extend my Canada Day holiday. We also just booked a trip to The 6ix for late August, so looking forward to getting away (I think it's been three years since I've been to Toronto- crazy!)

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